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Nurse laughs while 89 year old Veteran is dying gasping for air.angry_smile
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Before the video was released cold hearted incompetent nurses  kept their job while lying about sequence of events when Veteran was dying before their eyes.
 Numerous anonymous sources confirm Nurses are not MAGA President Trump supporters.  
                      Go Figure!


"Video shows 89-year-old James Dempsey pleading for help before his death in the care of the for-profit Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center in February 2014. In the footage, recorded through a nanny-cam planted by his son Tim amid suspicions of mistreatment, Dempsey can be heard crying, “Help me! Help me! I can't breathe"

33,000 are killed by guns in this country.    You are screaming about a 89 year old passing out.    It happened in a RED RED state, Trump Country.     May be the nurses were laughing at something else, not at him.   Get over.   We need nurses.

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Killed my homicide and killed by yourself because jumping in front of a train scared the is different

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I knew you were dumb, but you are even stupider than I could possibly have imagined.

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only a low life like you would politicize it!

So next year instead of our aging vets dying in a bed in a facility, they will die alone on in a back alley on a piece of cardboard.  Just so millionaires get a tax break.  Make America Gruesome Again, eh there Trumptard?

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