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Ugly Amerian tribalism
borabora 15 Reviews 190 reads

They hunker down in groups of like-minded people and then fight to protect that group. FatVulva and the Alabama tribe.

Support a paedophile? Really?

...a basic fundamental animal behavior survival characteristic that has been around long before man, the human adaptations of tribalism have led to the practice of family & extended family, religion, civilization & to the polarization of civilization. Tribalism appears to be part of our DNA, with that recognition in mind maybe it would bring us a bit closer to resolving some of our differences.

Women have the power to kick all these sexual perverts and predators out of office if they choose to go and vote.    Does not matter what party, skin color or State.     Just kick them out.

But, a few million women voted for a groper, molester and pussy-grabber! Tribalism prevails over self-pride?

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