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The Donald Trump defense on his Sexual assault.angry_smile
bigguy30 649 reads

The crazy hypocrisy of Trump and his cronies!

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...would liked to have said was Trump was lying, & Franken was truthfully speaking. Of course Sara can only say what she is told, the truth would violate Donny's principals & practice, she would immediately be fired possibly publicly executed.

Mr.M.Johnson13 reads

Is listening to an Infomercial.  My fave line of hers is “POTUS doesn’t lie.”  She said it with a straight face!

Lying to a WH Press Secretary is like fucking is to a hooker. It's pretty much the job description.

This "makes" about as much sense as debating which of the fatty twins is the dumber of the two. At a certain point, does it really fucking matter?

As for being ugly, do either Michelle Obama or Sarah Huckabee even register in positive numbers? Besides Hillary is uglier than either one of them, both inside and out.

86H13LTP21 reads

tore them down . She shredded everyone of them and you say nothing .  

You have a Muslim woman who practices sharia leading a women's rights movement .  
Isn't that called an Oxymoron.  

Franken calls his molestation of a sleeping woman a joke and a clean actually tried saying because she was wearing body armor that it's not the same .  

Franken , another Dem who has popped off about women's rights non stop .  

Degenerate Dems  

RIP Malcom Young AC/DC

That is one of the ugliest bitches i have ever seen..

...doe's it take to attack the appearance of Michelle Obama or any of the "first ladies" of this country ? isn't there enough crap going on with everything surrounding the current administration in power to keep your keyboards busy ?

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