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WalMart joins other retailers for TESLA electric semis
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Suck it up dirty oil men!    This is the future.    Two years ago when I told my colleagues I am buying an electric self driving car they laughed.     My TESLA Model S drives from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa on a single charge.    Now 5 of my laughing colleagues have TESLA Model S and would not think of another gas driven car.    My condo is all solar, my landscaping lights in Tampa house are also solar.

Oh by the way how is that Keystone XL pipeline oil spill going?

Zero to 60 in less than 2 seconds.
But if you really care about clean energy, I hope you know that what really matters is the source of the electricity you charge the car with.  If it's from a dirty, coal-fired plant you are just shifting the pollution elsewhere.  The good news about the Tesla trucks is the company is building charging stations that will be solar powered.

I  can buy a lot of pussy with $200,000...

86H13LTP1 reads

I'd say a solid  horse but you seem like the donkey type . You and Stymie .  

Have fun with your self driving car when some scummy Muzzie who came in on a diversity visa starts chasing you down in a rental truck .

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