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Fat white cops taser 86 year old black man with dementia...
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Those lazy fucks wouldn't even try to catch an old man walking backwards.  Where did this happen?  Where else but in  redneck South Carolina.  The lying cops lied and said they tased the victim to stop him from getting hit by passing traffic.  Naturally, since lying comes as naturally to cops as breathing, they were proven to be liars by video showing the only car backing away from the scene.  The man suffered bleeding on the brain and was in intensive care for weeks.  And of course, NO criminal charges were filed against the racist cops.

A federal court last year declared unconstitutional any taser use against someone who doesn't present a danger to another person.  Cops went through training on the law but they're too stupid to learn anything except how to abuse citizens.

The two-bit city of Kingstree settled with the victim for $900,000 just a month after the man was tased.  He didn't even have to file a lawsuit because the city knew how bad the cops fucked up.  The whole podunk town (pop. 3,300) isn't worth $900,000.


Normal all across country. Long, long time ago in far, far away galaxy, they were called peace officers. Today, they are officers with license to kill and no one expects them to use 1oz of their gray matter.

The demented old guy in your link shouldn't have been driving if he isn't able to follow Police instructions.  

    I notice cop haters don't mention our loss when Police officers die doing their job.  

  Just the other day another Police Officer killed in cold blood when  he didn't have his weapon ready to quickly shoot  in self defense.  Now he's dead and suspect is running free,  hiding,  hopefully on your street.  


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9th grade dropout thinks cops should be able to shoot and taze citizens who don't pose a threat because:  risk.

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Re: Many times Police die when demented  fools and thugs  don't follow instructions.
9th grade dropout thinks cops should be able to shoot and taze citizens who don't pose a threat because:  risk.
I'd put my ninth grade drop out degree  to a  test against your one dimension logic any day.  
    If your elementary school had a pass a  majority of lessons  prerequisite before  students sent  to the next grade, you'd still be stuck in First, like the gears running  your illiterate reading comprehension.

  I DON'T believe cops should be allowed to Taze citizens who don't pose a threat.
   I DO believe a citizen who doesn't  follow police orders is a possible danger and threat to an  Officer's life than a citizen who respectfully complies without resistance to  instructions.  
   I also  believe more cops would be alive or not wounded, if more cops had their gun out and ready to shoot  in the split second they might need to save their own life, when dealing with suspected criminals.  

  Since you evidently have a problem with  logic and reading comprehension  here's a video proving  in real time,  why cop's should  sometimes shoot first when their commands are ignored by thugs.  


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6 days ago!
and you have been on here every day since this was OP.
someone got under your skin
did it take you all six days to come up with that?

...By far most of our police personal are wonderful public servants, most police shootings happen out of the officers fear that they will be killed themselves because the public is using it's rite to carry weapons at an unprecedented rate & seams to choose to use them at will. Of course there are some cowboy cops that believe they are judge, jury, & executioner & I wish I had an answer for getting them off the street, these sad events & also the killing of our police public servants will continue until all people realize that violence & it's tools are are not a valid answer.

is if we will tolerate it where we choose to live locally.

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