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Yikes! A Republican who doesn't believe in 'Trickle down'!
mattradd 40 Reviews 297 reads

Well, actually many don't; he just admits it!

“'I don’t believe in trickle-down theory,' said the 70-year-old retired attorney from Irvine. 'The money they save — I’ve seen it in business — the money they save at the top, they keep at the top. It doesn’t trickle down.'"

It is a Leftist concept to distort what Republicans have successfully implemented to slur economic growth.

Less reward (due to higher taxes) but equal risk means that the most economically productive (aka "the 1%") are less likely to expand their businesses and/or investments. Its actually pretty simple but class warfare is much easier to sell to losers and pseudo-intellectuals.

his groupies are faaaaaaaaaaaar dumber than he is because they will hail this tax plan as the GREATEST THING EVER even though it fucks them in the ass while helping the people they claim to hate.

You gotta love it when the plan lets the uber rich right off their private jets but teachers can't write off supplies they have to buy for their students because the school didn't/can't.

won't really begin to hurt until a Democrat is elected president. Then, given their aversion to history, they will blame him or her, just like their squawking about the slow economic growth rate, while ignoring Obama inherited, from Bush, the worst economic recession ever.

Roy Moore believes in the trickle down theory..the one running down his leg when he is near a 12 year old..

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