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Former Marine ran for office and won Virginia as a socialist Democrat
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Inspiring story about what drove him.  We do see through different eyes if ever forced to deal with insurance companies during our lifetime.

How he won and his story attached.

What moron sues a Georgia based company for an injury that happened in Illinois, but files the suit in Virginia?

Yes, he is a natural born politician all right, and a perfect "Democratic Socialist" blaming other people for his own stupidity. He spoke to FOUR different lawyers, all of whom declined to take the case, and then genius that he was decided to represent himself. What a maroon.

BTW, I notice how they gloss right over the fact that he dropped his insurance almost a year ago because his ObamaCare policy had become too expensive to afford. lol

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businesses are required to carry Workers Comp as a protection for someone hurt on the job.  Missed months of work and was reduced to part-time with no benefits when he returned.  I am a business owner and that is exactly how you get someone to quit without having to give them a dime of any kind of assistance.  I thought it really sucked for him that insurance got out of having to pay for his injuries.  Medical debt is no fun.  So I am happy the congressman has health insurance now!  LOL

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