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Cavuto bitch-slaps Toddler Trump....again
Laffy 2 Reviews 265 reads

The Snowflake Trumpanzees are gonna lose their shit over this.

"Doesn't even border on being human."



...has begun to wake up to the stupidity of Donald Trump...Chip Chip Chip At this rate it won't be long before even his his moron base realizes what an idiot they have been defending.

Just look at the righty idiots on this board like swallowpee, quadruped, menarche, HappyChimp and Burper, who continually fall all over themselves to gobble up Trump's Turdwiches.  Their appetite for his incompetent lies seems endless.

Most of the Trumpanzees, especially the ones on here, are more like that fruit cake who said yesterday if Jesus came off the cross and said Trump was guilty, they'd believe Trump instead if he said he didn't.

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