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Did USA Military lower standards for acceptance during Obama Presidency?
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A majority of service members surveyed in The Military Times held an unfavorable opinion of President Obama.  
When active members feel their President is not on their side won't recruitment standards reflect  that downward slide ?  


Mr.M.Johnson7 reads

They weren’t getting enuff volunteers and no one wanted to implement a draft - no other option get people to join the Military to fight a war that should never ever have happened.  As Trump said “W. And Cheney knew there were no WMD’s in Iraq and they lied.”  This “gift” from W. And Cheney keeps on giving!  How many lives lost, and how many $$ spent?

Has it crossed your mind Quad, that our Military wasn’t happy fighting a Fake war??




JakeFromStateFarm11 reads

And this happened THIS MONTH!  The Army denies the change will let in more nut jobs, but the people now in charge of deciding whether or not to admit someone with a history of such things as bi-polarism and self-mutilation will be the department in charge of recruitment.  So if the Army isn't meeting its goals do you really think people with such problems will be turned away? Way to go, Trump.

Mr.M.Johnson7 reads

which is “terrible” per Trump and EVERY SINGLE Republican, people ain’t anxious to join the Military and fight a Fake war when most have jobs - in fact, unemployment is ~4% which is “full employment” per economists.  Who would quit their jobs and go to Iraq etc.?  Not me!  How ‘bout you Quad? - are you gonna take a leave of absence from workin for the Draft Dodger and go fight in Iraq??  BTW Quad, since you’re up-close-and-personal, how are Trump’s bone spurs these days? - just curious.

I remembered reading that, and was going to link it, but couldn't remember where I read it. If Trump is concerned about medical expenses being incurring for transsexual getting operations and treatment for sexual changes, he'd better hold on to his hat if they are getting to let those with histories of bi-polar and self-mutilation disorders in. The military's medical expenses will be going up exponentially.

bigguy307 reads

It's amazing how insecure Trump and his supporters are in this country.
They keep looking for different ways to race bait and most of them are full of shit!

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bigguy305 reads

The truth never takes a vacation 86H13LTP.
So enjoy your Thanksgiving.

bigguy309 reads

So with the mess former President Obama had to clean up from Bush.
Then with the current clown, that is in the White House now.
You and the other GOP supporters have a lot to be ashamed about on here.

Trump has done nothing but made a fool out of himself and work for Putin.

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JakeFromStateFarm25 reads

Where did you get your degree?  This place, I'll bet.

cut our military and recruitment was more strict under his presidency.

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