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an Arafat-Sharon summit?
LIKUDICRIS 2086 reads

Representative Pitts of Pensylvania has lettered his constituents that it's real im[portant for Yasser Arafat and Ariel Sharon to have a face-to-face meeting.Not sure how easy it's going to be for a dead man and a comatose vegtable to communicate,let alone agree.OTOH,it allows us to continue to bide our time while enjoying the tasty ftuits of our aggression.
Boy, the goy sure are dumb.Hope they never figure it out.
That's why i say enjoy the war because the peace wil be terrible.

... there should indeed be a summit.

The purpose of the summit should be to accept Israel's and the Palestinian Authority's unconditional surrender to the United States so we can turn that region into our 51st state.

Do the guy a favor and pull the plug already.

but yes, the comatose war criminal is still hanging in there, despite the absence of brain wave activity. so, if you're a zion- ut, you have hope!

as his only thoughts were the destruction of the Palestinian people, opionions will vary as to whether that isa good thing or a bad thing.

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