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Absolutely hilarious!  Thanks for a great laugh this morning.


In my past escorting lifetime, I would find myself in tears if I received a bad review and just wanted to be able to tell my side of the incident; but ofcourse we don't have such a sounding board...or do we?


It would be fine with me if there were such a board for that. But you shouldn't worry too much about a bad review once in a while. If you have mostly stellar reviews and get a very bad review I personaly usualy assume that it was just a problem between you and this particular client. And if it is very bad then I tend to believe that you and the client had some personal difficulties and he got pissed and wrote the review. So I don't give that type of review much levity.  But I do understand the need to defend yourself and your reputation.

There are Review sites that allow that and I agree I would like to see something like that here.  Not even so much for the occasional provider feeling they need to defend something said but even to allow them to say a simple thanks for the visit or hey I had a good time too. To me that legitimizes the review and not just something he made up to get his free VIP access. Not only for the hobbiest but also for the Provider if she looks up a certain TER member reads his reviews and sees a number of the other ladies say something nice about the visits it probably means he is a good client and she would see him again. We have the white list here but honestly it never really gets used.

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Although, I personally would welcome the comments of a lady attached to a review. I understand the desire to get out your side of the story but the reality is:

a. We're guys, so we're looking for the guys' side of the experience

b. Whether your rebuttal is true or not (and whether it's read by a potentially new client), it will probably be viewed with healthy skepticism. Since it's purpose will be viewed to salvage a business reputation.

Right or wrong, there's a guy's perspective.

Lastly, if a lady didn't comment or didn't comment on every review, what would be the perception left to that reviewer or the person reading the review?

Also for the reviews on hobbiest portion of the question.  The argument I have seen come up for that is.  We hobbiest are the consumer and what we are paying for is discrete time with you.  So you would be walking a fairly fine line of breaking that discretion. If you were to write reviews on the hobbiest.  Many have said if you would like to do a review of them then reverse the roll and pay for there time.  It would really be a presidence for the consumer to be rated wouldn't it?  I cannot really think of any place right now that will review you after buying there goods or services?

I don't think the guys perspective of a non commented on post really matters. There are so many variables  that could happen where the provider does not comment. Maybe she is not an active member? There are thousands of reviews on this site that the person they were written about had no idea they were ever written or that this site even exists.  It could even be as simple as she didn't see this review? Or maybe she didn't find him a good client and instead of saying something to cause drama she simply let it go. Some providers may just not like reading there reviews so they wont make a comment to something they didn't read. I am sure there are hundreds of reasons a comment may have not been made.  The reviewer really shouldn't expect every review he does will get a comment. If he is bothered that this particular provider did not comment then maybe he needs to make that a part of his searching out the one or ones right for him maybe look at her reviews and see if she comments on all or most of them.

It sounds Ok by me but then I would like to have the freedom to post a regional ad on the ad board. I would say things like, "During our time together I promise to make my fantasies come true" and "when you see me at your incall I would never take a shit in your bathroom" I would also post a picture of me in a sexy pose that best shows off my huge hairy belly and man boobs. Then some smart ass would post a HOOTER ALERT in response... sorry, getting carried away.
Honestly, it could be pretty good, what does it take to post on the ad board?

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Absolutely hilarious!  Thanks for a great laugh this morning.


I think a Ladies Review Site would be problematic.  As everyone here knows, guys dream.  All reviews are just fantasy reviews.  If the there was a ladies board, and particularly one where they were harsh on the men, with phone numbers, and other identifying fields, some might think the review was real!  

Everyone knows reviews here are just for fun.

Think of the positive aspects of a Provider Review board. Providers can share their favorite clients needs, interests, etc.

If I could verify and learn a bit about what the hobbiest enjoys, linguerie vs girl next door, role playing, etc. ahead of his visit it could bring the visit to a whole new level.

I would love to know which guys are the most generous. Which guys are sweet and gentle or like it rough. If you know what they like ahead of time you can really make it the perfect fantasy. :)

...incredible date I had with this lady!  She promised that we could "swap" reviews...mine is being reviewed by TER as we speak!  She is a "must see", gents!

Having someone knowing what I like and willing to give it to me is always better than getting the big Oh No I don’t do that.

So post away I have nothing to hide.

You know you could also learn a lot by reading the reviews he has already done.  see what they talk most about see when they say not my thing or I really enjoy x..  if a gent is coming to visit simply reading his reviews he has done could tell you a great deal about him.

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