He said "until you prove otherwise" which is dead ON! You should assume ANY ad
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is TGTBT until you prove otherwise though, because there are fakes on all sites.

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Sorry if my English is bad or this is in incorrect section. I have found that since
I moved back to USA, craigslist is gone and (backpage?) seems to have taken over.
I joined TER, as it seems the prudent thing to do. However,

I seem to have difficulty finding or verifying Providers from there backpage listings.

For example : I have seen this Ad for months
(replace xx with tt)

and she looks quite nice, and I would love to pull the trigger, however i have not been able to find hide or tail on TER... which worries me. How do I know if providers like this are real or its a post-over?

Thanks for the response, and sorry if i break any rules that i don't quite understand yet.
Anyhow cheers and any advice would be great.

PS. Every time i search by phone, it never seems to be accurate. Is hyphen needed?*

find good reviews on them on TER or elsewhere, you should pass.

Doing a Google or Tin Eye search on their photos is another way to spot a faker.

Whomever this woman is, I have seen the same pictures in ads on Tampa backpage.  Yeah,j she looks nice, but I don't think she is legit.  Knowing whether or not an ad is legit is difficult.  If you can't find any reviews of her somewhere, move on.  

Backpage is not usually the best place to start looking.  Right here is a good place to look.  Remember, you can look anywhere, but you have to do the research on her, just as she has to screen you.


Here's a quick trick to help you,

the phone number in the ad (if theres' a phone number), enter that in on a Google Image Search, it will bring up all images associated with that phone number.

If the lady has alot of different pictures of different ladies or the same pic shows up all over the place like Swim mentioned - very good chance its a fake ad.

If no phone number, do a google image search on the pics in the ad and see what comes up.

Be sure to get VIP membership here so you can read reviews - just because a lady has reviews doesn't mean they are good reviews and you need to be able to determine from the reviews if the lady is someone you want to invest time and money into seeing.

you can do either.  try typing in a phone number from an ad and you will see what I am talking about.

How Many Different Ways are BP ads Fake ?

Pics:  Stolen from a model, porn star, foreign or advertising site.  Pic IS her, but 10 years and 30 pounds ago.  Same pic used for literally dozens of different girls ads.  Use Google search or TinEye to find out just how "real" those pics are.

Text:  (A guide to BP "ad-speak")

"Real Pics" - When she's really drunk, my best girlfriend says I "sort of" look like this picture.  Alternately, this is what I looked like at my high school graduation, 10 years and 2 babies ago.
Alternately, my pimp found this picture on a porn stars web site and she has blonde hair and I used to have blonde hair, so here's my "pic".

"100% Independent" - But I DO have this 300 pound "driver" who travels with me for my safety, and I have to give him my money before our session so he knows I'm safe (you will later learn that any money given to the "driver" is an agency fee and anything you want the girl to do (assuming she even returns from the car) costs extra).  This is known as upsell.

If she doesn't return from the car - congratulations, you now know the meaning of the expression "cash and dash".

"Down to Earth and Easygoing" - A drug addict.  For any sexual activity you MIGHT be able to wrangle out of this woman, you could be charged and convicted of rape for her inability to give informed consent.

"Not a Clock Watcher" - If you pop within the first 10 minutes of an hour long session, color this session over at 12 minutes.

"Well Reviewed" - This girl has never even HEARD of TER and when you ask her for her TER ID, you will be hung up on or told "my reviews are private".

There is exactly ONE way to assure that you will not be out hundreds of $$$ for a disappointing experience - namely follow this rule:


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Ridiculous! I have found several gems on BP. Some dont want to be on TER. Why assume so much?!

is TGTBT until you prove otherwise though, because there are fakes on all sites.

First I said "Until You Prove Otherwise".

Second, I stand on my original thesis.  This board is for newbies, they need to understand in the strongest possible terms that the vast majority of BP ads are designed to appeal to the "little head" and get as many $$$ as possible for the least service necessary.

The odds of the girl being as attractive as her pic, being truly independent, and providing TRUE Gfe AT her advertised price are well under 10%.  Same odds system, same scenario from shopping TER provider ads in the regional boards well OVER 90%.

And I assume so much because many active happy TER members started as BP refugees, myself included.

TER is not the only review site, just the largest.  She could have reviews on other sites, the names of which I cannot mention due to TER rules.  As long as she has reviews somewhere, from experienced reviewers, she is probably good to go.


the reviews (wherever they may live).

You will never hear a more prolonged silence, than when you call a BP provider whose ad reads "well reviewed" and you ask her which board, and what is your provider ID ?

In general, these are pimp/agency written ads who are trying to alleviate fear by hobbyists who are increasingly savvy and who know BP is a "suspect": site.

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