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I've been trying to post an ad with no sucess. lol

I've read the guide lines but I dont quite understand what there referring too, sometimes.

Last time I tried to post an AD the admin's sent me this.

"The TER logo is missing from the site linked to in your post."

Can someone tell me more specifically what there talking about and how I can fix that. :)

Also, how do I post a picture URL. I've never done it with a http in front. And whats the link title for??  ;)

You guys are awesome. Thanks a million!!

Jewels Bresson, Los Angeles

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you can post an ad on your regional board once a week.  To add a link to your website, the website's main page has to have the TER logo on it  - there should be a link on the top of this page that will take you to the self help center where you can find the link code and instructions on how to post it.

As for the picture, you need to put your pic on a photo hosting site - I use but there are alot of others out there.

take the link to the picture and put it in the picture URL box - make sure you delete the http// that is in there already since your link probably already has it.

as far as link title, that goes with the link above it, if you put your website link in the box that says "Link URL"  and then in Link title put in something like "My Website"

the link will show up in blue with the words "My Website" rather than the link url.  And all anyone has to do is click on "My Website" to get to your site.

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You're awesome. Thanks so much.

I have an AD on a site called City Source Los Angeles and I noticed that they did have a silver TER logo.

Is that what they said the site didn't have when they said, "The TER logo is missing from the site linked to in your post." ???

I just don't understand TER posting guideline jargon. I'm willing to pay someone to meet up with me to help me do this just once. lol xD

City Source has the TER logo that they're talking about, right??  ;D


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..It takes you to a section of the "Self-Help Center" about provider ads.  The "Self-Help Center"  is at the upper right of any of the various discussion boards directly under the red and white Life preserver. You will find a lot of useful info there.Check it out.

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You can post an ad on here without a link to your site,  you're handle is already linked to your reviews.

Post your ad in your region, add your picture and thats all you need to do.  The guys will click on the "see my reviews" link by your name and it will pull up your profile which has a link to your site as well as all of your reviews on here.

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