New York

What no cream filled? I'll have to shoot the sherbet on a provider's face. eom
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Here is an idea of what some of next weekend's donuts will look like.
I've also included the website address to the whole gallery for those of you who want to view it!

others to go the link.  The pix there are even better!

Have a nice weekend.

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can make the doughnuts in your absence.  Sort of a "baker's apprenticeship program". Take a newbie under your wing, and let them learn the craft.  LOL

would get an alias with a PM capability!!
This anonymity is preventing me from keeping in touch with you!

Look.....ExLurker even makes his donuts on the road! What a dedicated trooper!!!!!

Oh My!!!

Gives a new meaning to field of dreams.

I'm going away for a week and if I see her in my travels, I'm going to aske the pilot to land so I can pick her up.


 The parting shot wingman! Wait till I tell you what Alex had to say! You made quite an impression on her to say the least! Oy Vey!

Sweet hitch-a-hiker
Don't ya know ya got the sweet wet thang?
Won't you ride on my fast machine?

With compliments to EXL,Sweet hitch-a-hiker, and Creedence


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In fact, he has posted the exact same picture.

Check out the LA board for his great posts...

And "discover" an alternate site.

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