411 on Monique?

Nothing off the phone #.

But a Google search of the Photos did find this:

The lady in Question

MissMarple5642 reads

If you Google the phone number you will find it associated with a number of names, Mercedes, Monica, Amy, a number of locations, Houston, Baltimore , Western NY...but no TER reviews associated with the phone number. I find that very suspicious.

Miss Marple

MissMarple3626 reads

The attached link leads me to believe you won't be meeting the girl in the pictures in Baltimore.

Miss Marple

when you go bargain shopping like that. I am very suspicious when looking at ads for $80 an hour, come on, really? Plus, she looks way too young, probably not even 18 yet. I would be careful making those kinds of selection because it can be a career ender, worse, if you have family, not sure what a good excuse is.

Good you post that thread, now you know the numbers are suspicious and the pictures are fake. Avoid bro!

Picture are of porn star Jenna Brooks.

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