FABULOUS FRIDAY Ladies! Lets Start The Weekend Right!teeth_smile
ItalianGabriella See my TER Reviews 931 reads


.........................HARD attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That woke the little guy up. Gorgeous!

Girl, You are becoming quite adept with that little camera. Looking good.

When it's going to be that hot will you please post a warning in the subject?  You know something like "Warning can cause massive physiological changes in men of all ages.  View at your own risk"

I hate, hate having pics done and hate them all.

I so wish I could be brave or drunk or something. So I could look that hot in my pics...

maybe you just need a photographer you trust. You look hot just being dear...

I will be your wingman..err..photographer..anytime....and if you dont like them, throw em away..:)

MJ???  Dang girl, who ever said you aint hot.  I may say you are overly critical of yourself but never say you aint hot.  Roadie is going to have to get you a camera.

It only took me like 2 hours of messing around in the mirror and trying to take pictures. Since we have to use only new pictures in theme day threads now?? And all my candid pics have to pretty much be the same front or side pose so that my tattoos don't show! What a pain in the ass.

Damn what a way to end up a Friday.  I need a cold shower after seeing all these hot pics.   I think I also hurt my tongue after stepping on it!

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