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Wow!!! You're killing me!!!
getthosepantsoff 1 Reviews 2110 reads

You are too much!!! Your dirty mind really makes my pants move.

Take me baby!
Take Me with your
Lips tongue and hands
show me that you...
are a real man
I am naked before you..
and here I stand
as my sanity dangles
on one thin strand
Take Me...
inside your mouth
penatrate me hard
and cover my mouth
and I dont care how
twisted this seams
Take Me...
and make my juicy ass scream
Take Me
on the bed
in the kitchen
on the floor
Take Me
until I cant take
Take me
until the worlds
voices are obliterated
and I am saturated
with sex and sweat
It time for you to..
take ME!!
Now, its time for me
to get the big pay back
on my back
or side or however
you lay me
and please dont play me
I need to you to give it to me...
make me scream "OOOHHH!!"
I need to get caught up
In passionate throes
Take me
and dont let go
and when Im done...
I'll let you know ;)

Available anytime with notice
Doubles with Playmate Brooke, Ginger Taylor, Jamie Lei, Misty Rivers and Cristin.
Hugs and kisses

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