This is sad news, saddest part is I did not even knowsad_smile
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There was a female football league, with uniforms to make your pro cheerleader feel overdressed.

Damn I would have gone to see this league play.

Sorry, bad pun, but imagine some of the point spreads and two minute drills here.   :)

Any Atlanta ladies available for training camp?  Oh, I am thinking we need some power squats, some up and out practice, perhaps even several 2 on 1 drills.

How about it guys, any volunteers to coach some inter mural games, say agency vs agency or indi vs agency teams?  I like the idea of a game of touch ball spring game say Fat-bald Duffers vs the Blond Blowers?

Damn, can you imagine some of the team names?

Have a great hobby week one and all

Several of the ladies were ex-NFL cheerleaders including some Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. It's my understanding the league is going to resume in the US in 2013 There were 11 US cities to have teams last year — Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Green Bay, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Orlando, Philadelphia, Seattle and Tampa. can ATL not be on the list of teams with all the lovely ladies here?

they could not find a venue that was willing to host them. So they eliminated atlanta.

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Same will happen with the Atlanta Falcons if they don't start winning in the play off's and rightfully so !!

Caliente is one of the area nudist resorts just outside of Hillsborough County.  Fun Stuff!

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