Harland - you are much hotter than a 4!!! eom.regular_smile
CharlieSheeeeeen 427 reads

shake your maney maker

Recommend: meh
Appearance: 4
Performance: 8
Package: Droopy
BFE: Yes
Incall: Yes
Outcall: Yes

Overall: Ok if you are drunk enough.

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Silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)


Recommend: You're kidding, right?!?!?
Appearance: 2 (Doesn't need to buy a Halloween costume).
Performance: 2  (He kept going to sleep.)
Package: Like a dried floral arrangement.
BFE: Sure, but why would you want to?
Incall: Unfortunately
Outcall: I suppose
Services: Frequent burping, occasional flatulence, kept interrupting the session to go pee.
Overall: Wish he would just stay home.

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