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Beautiful upscale GFE female companion in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Welcome guys!

My name is Sophie and I am truly a blonde Girl Next Door.

I am a well-educated, very creative and attractive young Lady, who loves to travel and have a good time with the true gentleman. I am very sweet and easy to get along with, and I take my time and work at your pace. I'm never in a rush and your satisfaction is my number one concern!

GFE or 'the girlfriend experience' is not simply something I provide: this is the only way I think a meeting can be.

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Independent GFE in Wilmington, NC

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Beth Rose, the IE's Favorite,
Mature Sweet Heart

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Beth Rose and I am a mature woman of 43. A former nursing student, I have always had a caregivers heart. I grew up here in sunny southern CA my whole life. I am a FORMER tribal member of the Pala Band of Mission Indians in North San Diego County. . In February 2012 I suffered a significant financial loss when my heritage was stripped from me and over 160 other members of the tribe. With no other source of income, I began providing companionship and Body Rubs to support myself in March 2012 and I have been doing it every since. I am very friendly and I love to learn about my clients desires and wants. Providing the BEST SERVICE with a warm and inviting smile every time you walk through my door.

Although I started much later than most when it comes to offering sensual adult services, I believe my age and the knowledge I have acquired over the years has given me an advantage over younger, less experienced providers. I believe in honesty and being open about who I am and what I am all about. I appreciate my clients and believe in providing you with the best service I can with a friendly attitude and a safe, comfortable environment. Because I put my clients needs and desires first, you will be hard pressed to find another provider who offers service, satisfaction and safety like I do. I have been at the same in call location for almost three years. You should be aware that although the neighborhood is not kept in the best of shape, the majority of the people that live here are families. I have never had a client complain their car had been vandalized or any other issues usually found in city neighborhoods.

My Breast Reconstruction is FINISHED!

In 2011 I lost my younger sister to breast cancer. With the loss of her and my mother before her 23 years earlier, I made the choice to undergo a double mastectomy to prevent the same thing from happening to me. I had several issues after the initial surgery and I was still healing, unable to proceed with the reconstruction when my medical coverage was taken along with my tribal income. Last year I was finally able to begin the reconstruction process, and on June 5th, I had the final surgery, IMPLANTS!

That's right, I am finally a D! Something I wanted from the start and have waited almost four years for. I am available again for all services beginning June 13th! Don't hesitate to call and book your time with me soon. I have a feeling it's gonna get a little busy this summer!

One more thing. I don't expect to be the right person for every one out there. I try hard to be up front and honest about myself and hope I portray an accurate idea of who I am and WHAT I LOOK LIKE through my photos and videos. HOWEVER, if you book an appointment for the first time and come over and decide I'm NOT what you were expecting, PLEASE BE HONEST WITH ME, give me a small donation for my time and politely say good bye. I would rather you go find someone else to see if I turn you off THAT MUCH, and continue with a service you will OBVIOUSLY NOT ENJOY and than to have you stay and post negative comments about my looks. Remember, this surgery, has left me with scaring on my chest and tummy. I am planning on having some covering with tattoos on my chest and a ring of pink ribbons along the belly scar someday, but until then, why not try to overlook the scars and see the woman behind them.


4th and Vineyard off the 10 freeway in Ontario, CA 91764

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Welcome Friends I am Simran Singh highly reputed independent goa escorts who is provide you one of the best quality and 100% genuine Goa escorts services in goa. I am available in all major cities in goa like : Panjim , Madgaaon , Vasco and Many Beach Like Bagha , Calangut I am high profile  goa escorts and provides best escorts in goa.

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Our Elite High End Companionship Service have individually hand picked our beauties and elite companions and courtesans which have already achieved success in her profession as a model, actress,  and as a professionals in a wide of variety of careers. All of our elite companions are selective on the dates of whom they choose. All of our Elite Courtesans and Elite Companions are seeking a Sugar Daddy Sugar Baby type relationship.
Seattle Escorts in Seattle
The exclusive female companions in our portfolio range from the girl next door to the centerfold in playboy, penthouse, fashion models, fit models, actress, and many other glamorous starlets are available for the ultimate  experience in companionship.
Los Angeles Escorts in Los Angeles 
You can view fantasy stories about our elite courtesans, escorts, geisha's, and super model companions at our Facebook fan page Date A Model, On Erotic reviews, Adult Fax, and much more online outlets.

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Are you Ready to escape from your worries and feel your stress melt away?
Let me introduce you to the healing touch of a sensual body rub, unlike any other you’ll ever experience.

You deserve it!

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Las Vegas' Newest Italian Bombshell!

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Welcome to Northampton escort service 
Many thanks for pass my website and your interest to book me for a session of erotic massage and personal services.
I will take your courtesy visit like you need somebody to make you feel loved, to offer you that kind of attention that you always wanted. I was described as a high class courtesan, that know most of escort services, how to please a wealthy gentlemen, or how to be a lady in public places or other events.

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Bangalore Escorts - We are popular for beautiful and erotic girls in Bangalore pooja has beautiful arcs and stances to offer only for you.

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Suburban mom with a secret.  Curvy redhead, early forties, insatiable.

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Trina Official Website

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Allow me to invigorate your senses and captivate your spirit.

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5' ft

34 C 24-30
Shous size 4-5

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