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I'd noticed her photos several times. I just wasn't sure what they were telling me. Obviously, there was attraction, or I wouldn't keep looking at her. Then I met her live and in person, at an area M&G. That convinced me to see her, as we conversed and she exuded sex appeal. Also, another provider whose opinion I hold in high regard was egging me on a little bit, saying Rihanna could be straight off of a Telemundo stage. She's not Sofia Vergara, but if she even brings her to mind, you know she has something special going on.

She seemed a little extreme, or exaggerated, in her proportions, but that was part of the attraction. She is voluptuous and wasn't sure until I met her if she might come off as a little thick for my taste. Meeting her gave me a clue she'd pass my standards. Seeing her ultimately was the clincher though. She has a big ass and hips, as well as big lips, but it is all really, really good and she is slim and taught in the waist. She could be the Latina Jessica Rabbit.

Having met at the M&G, making arrangements was simplified. I called her a few hours before and she was available. Got the location and second call got the room. When I entered I was greeted warmly like an old friend and not a first-timer; that is one of the nice things about M&Gs, as they break the ice that otherwise might exist on a first date. She does have a very sexy mouth and her warm wet DFK was felt down to my toes. VIPs read on; others, if you like sexy Latinas with a lot of passion and a rack and an ass, she'll have you repeating.