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Provider Ad Posting Guidelines

Posted 8/17/2010 at 11:59:39 AM

Detailed guidelines for posting provider ads on TER are listed below.  TER staff  may, at their discretion and judgment, remove any ads that in their opinion do not follow these guidelines.


Provider ADs cannot be posted by anyone other than themselves or their agency/booker/assistant.

Providers may advertise duo sessions with another provider, but should post their individual ad and then 'reply' to their original ad post.  Do not link to another provider's ad/website.  This should not be used to promote an 'event' or Meet & Greet.

Ladies, do not ask guys to post ads for you—it only gets them moderated.

Ads and promos for providers who have been delisted or banned from TER will be removed.


Providers may post one ad thread per 7 day period. For example, if you post an ad on Saturday, on the following Saturday you may post a new ad.

The "one ad per 7 days" rule means you can post one ad per week on one board here at TER. You cannot post the same ad on two or more boards in the same week.

The only exception to the above rules is - when touring, providers may also post one ad per week on the board for the city they will be visiting to announce their visit. The dates of the visit should be included in the subject line of the ad. This ad should be city specific.

Agencies/bookers/assistants must post ads for any lady featured on the agency's website, under the agency's user account.

Escort agencies and bookers/assistants may post one ad thread per 7-day period per region they serve. For updates or for posting information about multiple providers that work for the agency, or the bookers/assistants represent, please post to the agency's/booker's/assistant's current ad thread.

Agencies: If you want to post an ad for an indie you book for, that provider cannot already have an ad posted on the TER discussion board within the last 7 days.

Providers: If an agency / booker/assistant has an ad posted for you, you cannot also post an ad under your personal user name in that same 7 day period.

Posts regarding contact info, availability, schedule changes, new website announcements, or new pics all count as ad posts. Updates may be added as posts to the original thread during the 7-day period.

Posts cannot be made, as an ad, to promote a Meet & Greet or any other event.

Help us keep it fair for all by reporting violations of the ad post limits via Report a Post


Ad posts can only be posted on the Regional Ad board that is closest to the area serviced. If you post an ad on the Regular Regional board it will be moved to the Regional Ad discussion board.

Ad posts are not allowed on any national boards

Porn Stars - advertise on the Porn Star Ad board

Transsexuals - advertise on the Transsexual Ad Board

BDSM advertise on the BDSM Ad Board (if you are an escort and your menu includes BDSM, you should post on your Regional Ad Board; not the BDSM Board.

Porn Stars, Transsexuals and BDSM can post visiting ads on the appropriate Regional Ad Board; this is not your home city board.

Providers may reply to ISO posts (In Search Of) on any board, provided that their reply post includes a valid link (see Guidelines for Ad Postings below).


Provider ad posts (and ISO replies) must include a link to either your personal website, your TER review profile, or directly to your ad on an escort mall.  This means that EVERY ad post, in order to be posted, MUST list one of the above three types of links in the "Link URL" field when creating the post. If the "Link URL" field is left blank, the ad post will not be approved.

If you include a link to your personal site in your ad post, your personal site must follow the PERSONAL SITE REQUIREMENTS FOR AD POSTING  below for your ad post to be posted.

Agency ad posts - Whether the post is for an individual provider who works at the agency or for the agency as a whole, the post must include a valid working link to the agency's website. If the link included in the agency ad post is to an individual provider's page on the agency's site, that page should also contain the REVIEWED AT TER emblem / link or a TER Banner, as discussed below.

Your contact information must be on the web page that you link to. This includes your stage name.

Please do not include your TER rating or TER position within Top 100.

Providers, please do not reply to another provider's ad.  

Please do not type ads in ALL CAPS.

You may not link to a provider ad that is hosted on another escort review site.

*:•.★.•: *:•.★.•:¸.•*´¨° °•★•° °❤❤❤❤@#@#@*~*~*~* Symbols and CAPS (except where grammatically correct, examples: DC, GA, VIP) are NOT allowed in the subject line of an ad post. Please keep the subject line neat and tidy. *:•.★.•: *:•.★.•:¸.•*´¨° °•★•° °❤❤❤❤@#@#@*~*~*~*  
Acceptable for subject line: -  . ?, / and ! These should be used within reason no !!!!!!!!!! or ...........for example.


When linking to your own site in your ad posts,  your site must have either the REVIEWED AT TER emblem / link or a TER banner. This is also required for your link to ISO if using your personal website.

  • The emblem or banner MUST link back to TER when clicked on.

  • The emblem or banner should be located on either the first page of your site or the "main" page of your site. It should be viewable in a 1280x800 screen without scrolling. The enter/exit page, if a popup window, is not the main page. If you are linking to a different page on your ad, that page needs the Logo also.

  • The emblem or banner should be easily located when someone is looking at your page. Do not hide it or list it far down on the page.

  • The emblem or banner needs to be full size and unaltered.

To receive the REVIEWED AT TER emblem / link please submit your site in our Site Reviews. During the application process for Site Reviews, the code needed for the REVIEWED AT TER emblem / link will be emailed to you. Click HERE for information on how to submit your site to be listed in our Site reviews.

TER banners can be found HERE

By participating in the discussions on TER discussion boards, you can greatly increase your visibility and give potential clients the opportunity to get to know you better. You may include your link in messages, (except if you start a thread, the link is not allowed in the OP), you contribute to on any TER discussion board, that does not count toward your ad limit.  In fact, you are encouraged to include your link, because it helps everyone get to know you better.  Just please make those linked messages meaningful, entertaining, or helpful contributions.

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