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There are many pros and cons to having your own incall

Posted 5/18/2012 at 8:18:37 PM

I prefer to use hotels even though it could be slightly more expensive than having a studio for example.  

I don't have a lease or utility bills associated with it for people to ask questions about or worry about neighbors figuring out what your doing.  And I don't care how discrete you are, somebody will figure it out especially nowadays with so much bad press.  (just my opinion)

You don't have to clean it and wash all the laundry.  I don't have to furnish it.

You can get a place in whatever location you feel like in what ever price range you feel like at the time on any given day.  
I will work in local town A on Monday, local town B on Tuesday et cetera.....If I'm touring I'm not paying for a 3rd location that is just sitting there collecting dust while I'm out of town....

Staying in one place all the time = sitting duck

Read the Self Help Section here and LE Checks are a myth.

Oh yes, I forgot to say welcome, have fun, be careful, & play safe!

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