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Re: Again, bad advice Sorry, I disagree.

Posted 5/18/2012 at 3:33:56 PM

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This is the NEWBIE board.  I'll stand by the advise that Newbies are better served meeting on Neutral Ground for their first appointment EVER!   I actually see one Favorite Lady AT HER HOME!  No, that's not recommended either but after nearly 5 years we have devoluped a high trust.  Would YOU kendradc see ME at YOUR HOME on our first meeting.  I didn't think so.

To the OP, I really don't recommend having a provider to the home you share with a SO.  A hint of perfume, a stray hair, a whiff of pheromones of another woman...   Do you have a Death Wish?  Do you like the rush of Russian Roulette?  
I have never had a provider to my shared home...  but as a much younger & I must say dumber man, I was seeing a married lady, on some occasions at her shared home & once had to hide.  NOT as much fun as the movies.    

Ladies who host "incalls" have many advantages...  the room is in her name.  There's no paper trail.  Only if she gets the room expressly to see you, would you be expected to pay for the room.  (Reimburse her with cash, no paper trail.)  If she offers an "incall" she bears the cost.  

Newbies Should see well reviewed ladies & you should learn to throughly research which will include / require you to get VIP & read the full reviews.


Posted By: kendradc2011
Many of us see our gentlemen at their homes, on a consistent basis. We are not thieves, drug users or anything else that you should be scared of...this attitude really burns my ass everytime I  hear it.

Do your research...many of the ladies would be happy to come to your home and see you. Just make sure it is someone that has a few good reviews and a presence on the boards and on Date-Check or P411.


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