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Re: No reply to email

Posted 5/10/2012 at 6:47:04 PM

Try to find a paid escort that caters to new clients like yourself. Look at yourself honestly and see if you give off any signals that scare of paid escorts and agencies. Some clients just don't realize how suspicious they look to others. Good luck!


Posted By: superuser102
I'm new... I have one review and a P411 plus 1 (one OK).  I've sent one email to one provider in my area with no reply and an P411 request and a follow up email with my single reference to another provider and no reply after two days.

I'm trying to see a provider with many great reviews and who seemed to be an independent and shows basic plus 1 on P411.  I think however, she is with an agency now.  I tried to book a girl with this agency using their web form but only put my first name and got a rejection email stating I had to give more info.  This may have black listed me with this agency.

I'm interested in independents to boost my referrals so I don't have to give out so much info when contacting an agency.

What is a new guy supposed to do?


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