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Re: question about screening process!! HELP

Posted 5/9/2012 at 6:31:45 PM

Sorry, but that paid escort ripped you off. Never let your little head out-think your big head.


Posted By: schang06
Hi. to all who can help me figure out what I have been going through
Last week I saw a beautiful woman's ad. I send her e-mail and we start our Commuincation through e-mail

First email she asked me to go over her rate and rules. the rule is to pay 50% down payment through western union and money gram as screening process.
So I did pay her through western union $200. after that she asked me for help very nicely to book more hours for her so that she can pay her rent. so at the end I wire her total $960 for overnight rate
After she got all the money, she said her landlord asked her to pay 3 months rent in advance, at this time, i did not help her out, i started to feel uncomfortable.
and now she is saying that she is going to WA to get her pass away father' money from bank that she recently found out, and ask me for more money so she can travel to WA.
at this point, we never speak on the phone,( her rules ) we had went over 35 emails already.
So what should i do now?

The web that i used, at the bottom says they are verified!!
I dont want to put her ads out, but she is one of ads..
the rate was $300/h
overnight 800/h


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