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Re: welcome!

Posted 5/8/2012 at 3:07:06 PM

Thank you for the welcomes.  Excellent tips Naomi, much appreciated.  I put the logo on my site but didn't know I could post it on when writing on boards.  Some sites are weird about links.  An others are costing me an arm & leg for every post.  But, is what it is.  Wish there was a site for non-agency posts, but they manage to get on all of them.  I really should have buckled down and did this review thing in 07.  Had I done that, I'd never have to post ads :-)  Guess I'm a stubborn blonde.  lol


Posted By: Naomi_Sweets
Make sure you post on your regional board and participate in the photo threads on Thursday, your regional board should have one and there's one on the Over 60 board.

Getting your face and info out there will help the guys find you and that should lead to your getting a review on here.

If you have a website, make sure you have a TER logo on the main page and you can include your website link on all of your posts regardless of which board it is.

(no ads allowed on the national boards).


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