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Don't call to chat for a long time plus....

Posted 5/8/2012 at 8:47:52 AM

We are normally busy giving full attention to our date, screening and taking care of our personal commitments and interest.  We don't have time just to chat forever.  Normally we are interested in serious inquiries, make the appointment and we will have plenty of time to get to know each other connect and have fun.

Each have her process for screening, if you want to play, follow it, if you don't ,don't contact her.

Make the appointment if you really have the time, if there is a risk for you to cancel change the date for when you can really commit.  I respect your time and will show up on time when agreed and I expect the same from you.  We may have declined other dates maybe for even more time because we and committed to you so when cancel even one day before we can not reschedule another date.  Then offer to pay her cancellation fee.  For several of us if somebody cancels with no consideration to our time most likely we will not give him another chance to meet us unless the full donation is deposited when making the appointment.

Give her privacy to put her donation away

I hope it helps, reading the thread help my day, I laughed so much.  Good to know I am not alone, lol.


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