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A great list for newbies please read!

Posted 5/7/2012 at 8:36:39 PM

I would also like to add to #2 if you call a provider and leave a message indicate that it is okay for her to return your calls.Many providers get calls where they are unavailable to pick-up if a guy does not leave a message he is obviously not going to get a call back.Or if you do leave a message be very specific in saying it is okay for her to call you back whenever she gets the message.
Allow enough time for a provider to return your emails or phone calls.I return emails always in a prompt fashion and I have gents reach out to me as well as other providers all for the same day and time.
He waits to see who will answer first while I understand some might not have that much advance time to book an appointment.Allowing more advance time if your schedule allows it to book an appointment instead of trying to double book for the same day.Nothing more frustrating than returning an email verifying references sometimes all within an hour's time just to hear"Oh,you took too long!"

Another one no mention of rates especially if her websites/ads/TER profile have this info.Now,if there are different rates on different sites that might be confusing then of course you will have to find a way to ask.But,generally the info is right there will a little bit of looking you can find the answers to your questions.

#7 A huge pet peeve of mine I write in complete sentences and that is what I expect when I receive emails for appointment requests.I thought this was just a young person thing but I have gents in their 40s,50s,and 60s doing that text speak and abbreviations.Thankfully,I do not get that too often.
A short introduction email introducing yourself and reference info or other screening info all provided in that initial appt request will save you and the provider a lot of time.No one wants to spend email or phone tags just to get the necessary info to see if an appointment will even take place.

Great list London pretty much covered everything.

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