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A few things NOT to do when you are contacting a provider for the first time...

Posted 5/7/2012 at 8:49:18 PM

1. If you're new that's ok, but please READ THE WEBSITE!! This is the number one reason for non-response from providers other than explicit language. Most everything you need to know "should be" on her website. Don't just look at the pics and rates, then go ape shit with emails and phone calls.

2. Not all providers are losers like me and spend all day on the net...even in the car lol, so be patient if they can't all respond in an hour. If she does not respond in two days, refer to number 1 again and make sure you included what was asked of you.

3. If you don't have refs, say so in the very first email and let her know what you might be willing to provide in return for being new. Some will gladly take your employment info. but others won't. Do your research!

4. DO NOT ask about services or list acronyms before you are screened, and even after many providers will scare off. If you don't have VIP access, get it. No way around that if you're new. You need that access to research them just as bad trust me.

5. Please do not send emails asking if she visits such and such unless you are willing to fly her out there! We are inundated with loads of bs emails of this nature, which is why we post a calendar...look at it. I had a guy send me an 8 paragrah email tonight about who he was, where he lived, what he looked, like, and I am scheduled to be in Ohio the very days he wanted to see me in New Orleans lol. I realize you guys get dizzy when tits and ass are in your face, but yourself and the provider some time.

6. Don't call at freaking 4 a.m. unless you see the words "AVAILABLE 24/7" and even then, she is full of crap..when does she sleep? Most reputable providers do not offer around the clock service to guys they can't screen and who can get a ref at that hour?

7. Don't use abbreviations for words like "you" and "are." It is ghetto as hell to get emails like this...'Hey bby, r u ready 4 me?" Paleeze, intellect goes a long way people.

8. When you get to the hotel do NOT call her from the lobby! You announce the room number to everyone when you repeat it back, so call from INSIDE the car where no one knows what you are saying. Also, ask her where the elevators are and you can even google the hotel for a layout of the lobby just in case. Best to be prepared.

9. Don't act like you're scared as sh*t even if you are when you get in the room. This makes everyone uncomfortable and she may even think you don't find her attractive. If you are not happy with what you see, you simply say you changed your mind and leave. Don't take 20 minutes trying to negotiate a lower rate if she wants you to stay. You either dig her or you don't, and a cheaper rate does not make her any hotter..well ok, maybe for some it does lol.

10. Refer back to number 1 lol. You're welcome!

Ladies feel free to chime in if I left anything out.

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