New to this and joined screening site
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But it doesn't seem to be helping. I'm in LA and joined they screened me and the whole  thing called me at work. so i was hoping to start seeing providers. but they dont seem to know that site and i cant get verified. am i doing something wrong ?

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Are they listed on the P411 itself? that's how I saw my last provider.

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no im an idiot i didnt check if the providers i wanted to see where on both sites here and there. and the girls on pr411 dont do it for me and maybe im looking in the wrong place. i might have to give it a better look

are more preferred in certain locales than others. In some areas of the country Date-Check is more common, other areas it is P441, while still others it is RS2K.

certainly you should be able to find someone who will see you. Make sure their ad says "newbie friendly" and  then they should work with you.  Good luck!

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oh im sure one of the those girls would see me. But the girls on this site mainly the k girls in LA arent on pr411 and those are the ones i want to see.

P411 is pretty worthless and so are other non kgirl references. You need to do better research.  Read the LA board,you'll find tons of threads on hobbyists trying to break into the k girl world. Kgirls all have bookers and they usually only take references from other kgirl bookers. Use the search feature on the LA board to find all the kgirl posts. Good luck!

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The K-Girls in LA are the REAL deal and GFE. They have become dominant in LA because they are excellent performers, pretty and have smoking bodies. That is why they are so sought after.

For the most part what you get in FL are old flabby Asian women who couldn't carry an LA K-Girls kimchi.

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and I never have to endure the mindless and irrelevant banter of regular board ho's.

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can any one give me two providers for reference, much thanks!

I know.

Just so you know, I'm on there as well.

Good luck

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