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Posted 4/24/2012 at 3:42:19 PM

There are alot of threads on tipping but the general consesus seems to be

If she is independent, just pay her regular rate - no tip.

If she is an agency girl, part of her fee is paid to the agency and therefore you might want to tip her based on how you feel about the service.

Regardless of whether or not she's independent or agency, you pay the quoted fee upfront (in the envelope) and you save the tip for the end after you feel that she deserves a tip.

as to how much to tip, anywhere from $20 - $100 depending on what you are tipping for.

Don't mistake tipping with upselling btw.  Tipping is not required, its nice of a guy to tip but its not required.

Upselling is fees added on to the regular amount based on activities you are asking for - most gents will stay away from ladies who upsell.

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