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No it most certainly does not...

Posted 6/13/2012 at 4:52:11 AM

The whole thing was misconstrued...and I take some responsibility as I obviously did not explain myself very well. I personally love it when a guy gives me his handle or reviews. I get to find out right then and there if we are going to be compatible on some level.

What I was getting at way before was there are some hobbyists that are less than nice to and about the ladies in this profession. Given that they want to be seen by the very same ladies they bemoan, I would find it surprising that they would hand over their handle. If they did, given some of their posts I find that arrogant and stupid. Do they not think we will read the stuff they post and possibly deny them a visit.

This has actually happened to me. They guy had a horribly disrespectful board handle to begin with, his posts were crude, mean and disrespectful and when he communicated with me he gave me his handle. I checked out his posts etc and was horrified and told him we were not compatible...he then blew up my email with "why not" and then when I made the mistake of telling him I thought his handle was off putting and that the tone of his posts made me worry, out came the threats.

I hope this makes more sense. I am sorry if you took it the wrong way.

I love my 60+ men, the vast majority of my clientele. Great guys, wonderful personalities and fun to be with.

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