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Posted 3/13/2012 at 6:09:49 PM

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Did you get your VIP now? Three days ago you were talking about a provider who you said had 3 reviews, 2 good and 1 so-so, but you didn't have VIP. What I saw was 2 so-so reviews and one bad one.

So now you are saying someone has 7-8 positive reviews. Ifyou actually have VIP and you are considering scores of 7 orbetter as positive, then the bext thing to look at are the reviewers. Out of her 7 to 8 reviews, are at least 4 of them written by reviewers with 3 or more reviews themselves. Is at least one of them written by someone with more than 5 reviews? If you can answer yes to all of that, then maybe she is alright. The fact that she didn't have reviews for s couple months wouldn't bother me if all the other answers are ok. As naomi said there can be valid reasons for not having recent reviews. I would be moreconcerned with bad reviews, too few reviews, or all reviews coming from first time reviewers. (or trying to read reviews without VIP, and assuming they are positive)


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