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Need Your Guidance..............Road Trip Dilemma! 

Posted 5/25/2012 at 6:07:43 AM

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I don't get away by myself often -- maybe once a year for a week by myself.  I've met and had two overnights with a phenomenal young lady.  We've already worked out details, and she will join me this summer for 4 days as I head off to a company convention (yes....everyone I work with will be there).

Details so far:

-- we're flying in separately from different cities
-- big age difference (i'm 58, she's 25). Oh...I'm vanilla, she's chocolate.
-- every hotel in city is booked by my company. However, I'm staying at a boutique hotel about 20 miles outside of town.
-- going to probably one of the LEAST Romantic cities in the U.S........Milwaukee.

My dilemma:

-- nights are not a problem. But what can I do to keep her entertained the rest of the time. Last thing I want is for her to start counting the minutes until she can leave.  

Some ideas I've had:

-- Reknown Strip Club (Silk) that we can visit one night
-- Invite another provider to join us for an evening (challenge.......not a great inventory of ladies in Milwaukee. Sorry ladies....but if you have any recommendations please let me know)
-- Indian Owned Casino
-- That's about it!

Chicago is 90 minutes away, but I'd prefer not to spend my time in the car. And as far as my activities....I could care less about attending any company meetings. I'm there to play, not work.

Any suggestions? Help here or PM if easier


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