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men are going to be sexier as they age 

Posted 5/23/2012 at 8:14:44 PM

I am a  newbie mid 20's  provider here, and I love older gentlemen!

Ok, if you talk about "just lying there, do nothing, enjoy what ever she does to me". There are a lot of younger gentlemen who do that as well. (especially people got to AMP often) I am totally fine with them!

but I just don't like to be totally submissive to their own fantasy scenarios. I am a CREATIVE person and sometimes would like to surprise them with my own skills rather their written scripts.

Anyway, I love older gentlemen because the experiences they've been through in their lives are so precious for me to learn from or witness, and I can feel their  sophistication and care for others through even this kind of short  encounters.

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