In the woods
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Me and my first wife used to go in the woods in the middle of the day or at the fishing lake close by.

Here's another question to chew on..

Do you find particular environmental undercurrents especially stimulating sexually-for example, danger, opulence, or formality? If so, do you ever try to create situations that contain these elements? What is the most sensuous, erotic setting you can imagine for making love?

I'll go first...I have a tryst planned in the near future that includes a balcony. I'm hoping the balcony is somewhat shaded by trees or bushes, because I'm really looking forward to some hot steamy outside sex! So, for me, an element of danger is instrumental in heightening my desire, the danger of possibly being seen and getting caught provides added excitement...

So, what ENVIRONMENTS have the ability to heighten your desire?

LoboGris875 reads

I swore to limit my posting, but i can't pass this one up....

Give me a dark night with a thunderstorm and sheet lightning on the horizon, a large flat rock in the middle of no where, a gorgeous companion totally into the moment, then time it just right so that while in the throes of passion the edge of the rainstorm reaches the flat rock and gently caresses our hot, sweaty, nekkid bodies..... as we reach mutual orgasm (the holy grail of sex), the heavens open up and the full fury of the storm comes down....

if you'll excuse me now, I have to lock myself in the bathroom for a bit...

vince59787 reads

Me and my first wife used to go in the woods in the middle of the day or at the fishing lake close by.

Fitandfrolic518 reads

Is I envision a cave or cove directly behind a roaring waterfall. We sneak behind it, maybe some tropical resort area where many people go, and we slowly disrobe and then go at it with the roaring water, the tropical birds and animals in the background and the cool shade of the cove converging into one remarkable experience....

pr0zac671 reads

Yeah, for me it would have to be the semi-public thing too.  The risk of someone seeing really heightens the experience.  Maybe a pedestrian crossing bridge over the freeway at night, or in the dressing room at a department store.  Now if I could only find a provider that is willing to do something like that :)

sedatem544 reads


The thought of having you in or in and out of your pool gives me the shivers! ;)

Drumsticks568 reads

I enjoy making love with the drapes left open and performing near the window in upper floor hotel rooms. Not knowing or caring if anyone can see you or is watching from adjacent buildings is exciting.

old_sam529 reads

Gina,  I would love to come and watch.

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