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Should a provider allow multiple pops? 

Posted 5/21/2012 at 6:51:39 AM

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I would really love to hear from both providers and hobbyists on this one. I'm the sort of guy that has a voracious sexual appetite, and if I'm with the  right woman I want to go more than one round. I figured if I have a full hour and can get off a couple of pops, then why shouldn't I? I have been with women who allow this and don't allow this. Unfortunately, it seems like the ones who say they are fine with multiples, I am not really "connecting" with and so I'm good for my one and done session...

Ladies - when and how do I approach this before getting to you? I know over the phone and email isn't when we should discuss such matters, but now that I'm in your location and you say "no, just one", I feel cheated - not your fault, I suppose, but why even pay for a full hour if I can be done in 15 minutes for my first round?!

I just want to be with a passionate provider whose libido is in tune with mine - I know it takes two to how do I find a women like that?

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