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Re: I agree and often wonder the same.

Posted 5/18/2012 at 9:49:32 PM

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I had two occasions where the one I had been seeing over and over blew up in my face.  The first she got very possisive over who else I would see and would call anyone I reviewed and threaten them. the second and much worst experience was she got attached started inviting me over for steaks wanting to go out to dinners movies she even mentioned she goes to Hawaii every year and thought i would be fun if I could go being married I began to pull away seeing her less and less often. till one day I get this email from her listing my real name my address my wife's name and my kids names. told me if I didn't give her X amount she would be coming to my place to show her a video she made from a hidden camera and telling her what we have been doing. Well I was not going to go down that road figured if I paid once well them wouldn't I pay again .... and again... so I told the wife then told her that I had just told her everything and what she was doing was illegal and that if she came to our door we would not talk to her however if she would still like to talk with us we would meet her at the attorneys office to hear her out and give us her tape.. We went through so very unpleasant times and took me awhile to get back into hobby but ever since I have never let the relationship have a chance to develop into anymore more than it was intended to be and I have become much better at hiding my real information.

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