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Re: Sex School

posted 5/10/2012 at 3:02:32 PM

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Guess I was a slow learner, I remember older boys taking about masterbation and how fun it was. I asked a few questions, and like older guys do, they lied to me. They told me it was fun, but I need to be careful because a lot of STUFF would come shooting out the end and that I needed a quart jar to caught it in. Took me three days to find the jar. There I was, say about 9 years old, when all of a sudden, I go this tremendous feeling and about 5 drops layer at the bottom of this huge quart jar. Didn't master ate for 2 years, hopping to get older and able to fill the jar. "what older boys won't do "
As for sex, I like long. Term relationships that are willing to share together. I'm not really into your night out mine tomorrow. If a couple fi ds another couple or single that they both enjoy,I'm all for that. I'm single, and I really enjoy my time with different ladies, and when I find someone I like, I go back.  Here's to squirts to you. Still waiting for the quart jar explosion.   Lol