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I wonder

Posted 4/11/2012 at 6:03:45 AM

and no, I've not yet read the article you provided Misty...   but I wonder how many of his cases may come under fire for his inappropriate behavior...

Abuse of power???   Even though the DD case probably didn't affect his career much, I felt the posting of the client list four times was an abuse of power... Those poor gents..

Now Arapaio???    He just pises me the eff off...   His senility is showing bad bad dude for sure!

thanks for the article, I never read the news anymore, too depressing...
Groovy day to you Misty,


Posted By: AZ Misty
The prosecuter who went after DD back in 08 was disbarred today after being found he abused his power while in office. He liked going after those who disagreed with him.

This is no big surprise to most of us.  Now we just need Apario to step down/retire too.


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