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Jazz, everytime I think of the time we had together..I just smile   :)

A prtovider in my area had recently, and privately, posted a question regarding a client listed here.  I knew the gent, but wanted to verify that we had met, so I took a trip back through time going through my list to see if he had written a review.

Alas, no... he had not; however, I had to sit and smile recognizing many names..   I did not have to read the review to recall the groovy feelings and connections that were generated, made and some maintained.  I really have met some fabulous gentlemen through TER.

So, thanks..   thanks so much to the many gents, from all over for your sublime selves.  Thank you for the many warm memories and smiles..  As far back as 2003...  


wlmink1977744 reads

I thought about responding privately,  but decided against it. Your sentiment is beautiful and indicates a level of class rarely seen on these boards. Thanks again for sharing.

spyguy0071101 reads

Jazz, everytime I think of the time we had together..I just smile   :)

samiam469508 reads

I found myself speechless and dazed. Later that day my face hurt from the smile I was wearing that just would not go away.

oooops there I go smiling again!

Nikita857 reads

Right back to you, Jazz.  On of my GREATEST 'finds' in this journey.

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