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Cancer Care

Posted 2/8/2012 at 11:29:21 PM

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I would suggest that you check with an organization called Cancer Care. They are a nonprofit that provides a great deal of information about all types of cancers. There are at least a dozen major cancer centers in the U.S., but some are recognized as being leaders indifferent types of cancers. Mayo has a very good reputation but I don't know if they are one of those recognized for melanoma. I was diagnosed with CLL four years ago at the Cleveland Clinic. I chose to get a second opinion from the James Center at Ohio State University because they are one of seven cancer centers that are recognized as specialists for this type. I was so impressed with their doctors and researchers that I elected to continue with them to monitor my condition. Luckily, so far my condition has remained very indolent and I am now just having annual tests to be sure there is no need for treatment. I think it is very important that you see the best doctors possible and that they be experts in the treatment of your specific cancer and that they are current with the latest treatments and methods. I wish you the best and know with your great attitude that you will beat this monster.

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