Re: anybody have any thoughts??
LATSDog 580 reads

same here, I had a hard time finding a pic of her on her own site.

taylor-braxton1217 reads

Being An Courtesan, Frankly, came naturally to me because of my great interest in sexuality, adventure, intrigue and spirituality combined with my looks that without any effort on my part always attracted any man from any culture or background whatever I could be doing or wherever I might be at the time and of course I can't downplay an awful a lot to share through the kind lof life I led and continue to do so, so too many into one. Although I do keep my life in "daylight" and my occasional escapades in this fascinating existence quite separately, I take delight in noticing the experiences in both, while distinctly kept separate, richly contributes to each other..
"I Am An Exclusive Vip Companion , reserved for those who appreciate the finest I provide exclusive engagements to distinguished gentelmen . I offer the best in culture , class and companionship .My goal is to make you think that spending time with me is one of life"s greatest pleasures.It"s an indulgence but worth every minute of it , away from the pressure and stress of your every day life ... Looking forward to our memorable and exceptional encounter...World Most Beautiful Transsexual love Taylor Sarita Braxton

hrdrockr2112440 reads

I checked out her site from top to bottom and I'm going with......TGTBT  :(

LATSDog581 reads

same here, I had a hard time finding a pic of her on her own site.

taylor-braxton219 reads

Hi their the First 5 Pic are mine
regards Taylor

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