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This It is very disturbing article....DON'T READ, I love you sister, but...

Posted 5/18/2012 at 1:04:32 PM

It's not very good article to read, you don't need to say "A must read" because this article written by hateful person who somehow don't like transgender in a whole, or maybe it's a guy who got disappointed by TS, or can be a woman who envy TS.

Some TS woman are very fragile and insecure about themself thats why they go overboard with the surgery, I'm probably one of those insecure TS, after reading this, I started to look around myself and see something wrong with me that I have never felt before, this article is tasteless written just to spread a hate toward transgender. At first it was funny, but then you can feel some kinda weird feeling after reading it and you begin to hate that person who wrote it, and sharing this article will only create bad assumption and bad argument..

There is nothing we can learn from this piece of articles, or I must say garbage!


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