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Here's what I know

Posted 5/11/2012 at 5:11:16 PM

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Mon -  MJ's in Silver Lake on Hyperion.  12am show.  GoGo Dancers   Good
         The Palms in Hollywood on Santa Monica. Never been there. Hear highr % of CD
Tue -   Hamburger Mary's in Long Beach. Kareokee. Good. I hear it's gotten very crowded.
Wed -  Oxwood - SF Valley on Oxnard & Woodman.  12am show. It's new and Below average
          Bluemoon - SF Valley on Lankershiem. TS Show  Never been. Haven't heard anything good
Thu -   Oxwood - SF Valley on Oxnard & Woodman.  Kareokee. highr % of CD Below average
Fri -     The Palms in Hollywood on Santa Monica. Never been there. Hear highr % of CD
Sat -   Oxwood - SF Valley on Oxnard & Woodman. 12am show.  Almost good. Gets very crowded
Sun -   Don't know

#1 Also  - There's a Topless Stripclub in SF Valley that posts on Backpage several evenings during the week. Avgs 3-4 TS & 1 GG.  They wear pasties and give private dances.  Some have posted in the past that it's ok. I've been twice and wood rate it a definate stay the f away.  However they're still open so somebody must think it's good.

#2 Also  - the first Sat of every month Hamberger Mary's in Mary's has event called T-Girls Night. I've never been. But from what I've heard this is the best one. I want to go but it's a heck of a drive for me and i actually have a job that i have to wake up for.

#3 Also  - Read on this board that the guy who ran the bar in Hollywood on Western & SM opened a new place that you should be able to find the address here on the board if you search.  However if it's anything like the old place it rates a dive.  I was there only once and that was once too many.

#4 Also  - This is not a TS club but a very classy "gay bar" in Hollywierd often frequented on Fri and Sat  called ?????. Shit I can't remember the name.  I've been there two or three times and one sees many familiar faces.  Shit what the F is it's name?  Maybe someone else here knows or if I can remember I'll come back and post it.  My take don't expect to find anyone working but instead a very nice place to socialize, drink and relax. Shit I can't remember the name!!!!!

I think Cobra was the best when it was open.  Peanuts was also very good especially with the after hours Yukon.  Bluemoon was just ok.  Hoping the time comes that someone starts up another one of the same caliber.

Hope that helps

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