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Re: Well, Detroit's only about 3-4 hours by car... ;)

Posted 4/25/2012 at 4:08:29 AM

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So... in order for someone to do dominance, there has to be a seed already there... but in order for the seed to be there, you have to try dominance. Sounds like a Catch-22. ;) I don't think you give me enough credit, as I've had a taste of it and liked it quite a bit, but whatever.

As for Detroit, "lovely" isn't exactly the word I associate with it ;), but it does have its good points, and other touring providers (like Melissa Carter, Daisy of San Antonio, and Tia Phoenixx) visit here quite frequently (they don't stay in the city proper, of course; they usually stay in Southfield, a northern suburb popular with business travelers due to its easy access to the entire metro area), so I think it would eventually be worth your while.

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