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my absolute pleasure...let me tell you how much....

Posted 4/23/2012 at 5:23:37 AM

The skin is soft and velvety. Smooth, as I draw my tongue around its glory. Shimmering in the dim light, wet and throbbing. Small beads of moisture seep from the tip. Oozing in preparation for the moment.

A glorious shaft; tall, strong and hard. Underneath, there lies a base of delightful textured skin. Soft to touch, molding it in my hands; gathering it in my mouth. Skin tightening as I leave licks around the circumference making me want to suck it into my mouth, once more. I marvel at the long ridge leading from the tip of the shaft to the underside and leading to the crevice that sometimes aches to be explored.

Your manhood is my playground, my excursion to ecstasy, my pleasure to devour.

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