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Lina is not as bold as me ha ha...not yet anyway but wait a few weeks.

Posted 4/24/2012 at 12:24:32 AM

Some people post under one name and have a website under another. I don't much give a flip, and in fact just changed by username to my official hooktard name so everyone would know it was MOI. NO site such as this has a disclaimer pop up when you bypass it. I am not trying to be condescending (for once lol) but what difference does it really make?

I mean as serpius said it and damn I have to agree when right is right, but a kid can just as easily hit the accept button to get on here. If you suspect your wife or SO of being on to you, she can very well have access to your email which would show her every single place you have been. Why would a disclaimer help? Any Attorney or judge will tell you disclaimers mean nothing if the service you are providing is illegal. It is like a 16 year old signing a contract saying he or she won't sue you if x happens. It is null and void to begin with because a minor unless declared as an adult cannot sign a contract.

I guess the point I am finally trying to make is what more do we expect from this board? Can we really say that reviews on most other boards are as credible as the ones here? Not all mind you as no one is perfect and we can't expect them to catch everything, but seriously. I will not even accept a reference from a woman who does not have at least 6 months of TER reviews. Why? Because even though there are both fake bad and fake good reviews here, they do call people on it like no other board. IJS.

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