60 and Over

you are 100 % right
mconnection 56 Reviews 4033 reads

The anticipation sometimes is almost painful. Lol the orgasm are fantastic. My pants are always wet.

macdaddy19447334 reads

as we age our pre-cum days should be waning..in fact the opposite is true..the very thought of a hot session gets our juices flowing..our libido kicks into high gear..anticipation is greatly increased..we feel like we are thirty again..i am alone in this dilemma..or do us older gents just enjoy it more and more?

mconnection4034 reads

The anticipation sometimes is almost painful. Lol the orgasm are fantastic. My pants are always wet.

Oldmember5180 reads

...more pre-cum, but less real-cum at this age!!!  lol

swimtrekr3249 reads

I do post-cum.  After the pop and I relax, I often have some left-over stuff leaking out.  I usually warn her so she can have something ready for it.


...Maybe I imagined you were my age or something I don't know....I'm blonde (w a pretty vivid imagination..lol)
Goess I have visions of y'all fellas in my mind or something.

swimtrekr4368 reads

But yes, I'm over 60, actually today I'm 5 yrs over 60.  Hope like hell that I don't act it.


G24099 reads

Maybe it's actually more like the new 45, but I'm 61 and still feel and act very much younger than the stereotypical guy we used to think of when we talked about someone being over 60.

I still ride my sport bike on a regular basis, and can routinely beat guys 25 years younger than me on the twisty roads of SoCal.

IMO, you're only as old as you act.  In fact, I was pretty reluctant to even post on this board, but I've found out it's a good place to be so I've gotten over my aversion to admitting I'm older than I think I am.

gregoryb3561 reads

No Precum and No cum any more, but at least a reasonable orgasm...
I am 70 though may be thats an age problem?? I will see a doctor about this
Anybody having similar problems?

Sphinxnc5148 reads

I don't ever remember having pre-cum (even in my teens).  

I'm a leaker.  After I ejaculate, I continue to dribble for quite a while.  We always keep a towel handy to dry up the excess.

Think kegles for men would help?

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